The Imbaer Experience

With the new patch coming out tomorrow all heroes in Heroes of Newerth are going to be free to everyone. As I’m a legacy player it doesn’t change much for me, but still I love the change. Good job, S2!

Its Streaming Time!

For the fun of it I started streaming (Just Heroes of Newerth for now, other games may follow) on TwitchTV. The sound is a bit blunt I’m afraid, but it can’t be helped I guess. I also uploaded some videos to my Youtube-Channel.


Herp Derp Derp Herp.


Hey guys, we’ve noticed that a number of un-humble users are buying lots of Humble Indie Bundle 4’s for one penny, and then using their Steam codes to “legitimize” automated Steam accounts in order to increase their odds of winning prizes in Valve’s current raffle promotion. This is unfair to…

I listen to this a couple of times per day. Its really awesome!